Prevention Is Better Than Cure When It Comes To Roofing

The old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ applies in a multitude of scenarios, including when it comes to roof repairs.

An article for FacilitiesNet recently pointed out the importance of carrying out annual roof inspections on commercial premises in order to prevent small problems turning into big issues. However, this approach is equally as applicable to domestic properties as it is to business properties.

The publication recommended carrying out a thorough inspection of any roof in both the spring and autumn. This allows you to assess its condition during key seasons and ensures that you’re prepared for the weather ahead.

It’s best to conduct your autumn inspection as it turns to winter, as this will also allow you to remove the majority of debris and leaves from your roof and gutters to ensure it drains effectively after heavy rain.

You should also check the edges of the roof for any signs of wind damage or wear, particularly around the flashings of the roof. If you notice any potential issues and repair them promptly, you’ll potentially save considerable damage later on.

The issue with waiting to carry out roof repairs is that they become considerably more expensive the longer they are left.

The Hull Daily Mail recently revealed that the cost of repairing Hull City Council’s Guildhall headquarters has increased considerably since a budget to fix the leaking roof was set aside approximately three years ago.

According to the newspaper, a budget of £1.4 million was set aside initially, however, following the first phase of the work, it is estimated that an additional £650,000 will be required to fully repair the roof of the building.