Protect Your Roof In Summer Thunderstorms

You could be forgiven for thinking that the winter months are when your roof is most at risk, needing roof repairs and maintenance to protect it from heavy rainfall and freezing drafts as the weather turns. But the last week has shown us otherwise, with August’s tropical temperatures leading to huge thunderstorms night after night across almost all of the UK.

In Cambridgeshire, safety officers are assessing damage to Hardwick Community Primary School after the thunderstorm took its full effect and the school was struck by lightning one evening, damaging the school’s roof.

There were roofing specialists and contractors on the site at the time, as well as several members of staff, but there were no pupils in the school as it was after school hours, and fortunately nobody was injured.

Mrs Berkley, who has worked at Hardwick Community Primary School for almost 20 years, was in the school office at the time the lightning struck. She said:

“I caught a flash of white light out of the corner of my eye and there was a humungous clap of thunder – the loudest I think I’ve ever heard. I thought the houses opposite the school had been hit.”

She went on to say that the school was currently having a flat roof added, which is why there were roof specialists on site at the time, but luckily the workers had come inside the school to get out of the rain.

The roof has lost tiles and the public have been asked to keep their distance from the building while structural checks are being carried out before roof repairs get underway, but the damage should not stop the school from reopening in September.

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