September: National Home Improvement Month

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as starting and finishing a renovation project, is there? And there’s no better time than right now to consider doing some refurbishment work on your property, since September is National Home Improvement Month.

The campaign, which happens each and every year, calls on people to #MakeOneChange over the course of the month, big or small, inside or out… anything that helps to give your home a bit of love.

To help get you started, you’re being advised to look around your house and properly assess what areas need the most work. Do you have a threadbare carpet that could be replaced, for example? Or do you have cracks in the ceiling that could easily be repaired?

Once you’ve decided what project you want to embark upon, your next step is to sit down and plan it properly, putting some time aside in your diary to get the job done. There’s nothing worse than starting something and then finding you lack the time to finish it, so make sure you set yourself realistic goals and take it from there.

Now could also be the perfect opportunity to make eco-friendly changes to your home, whether that’s through solar water heating systems, which can reduce your energy bill and lower your carbon footprint, or installing under-floorboard insulation, which can also help save you money, as well as saving the planet.

There’s a lot you could achieve over the next few weeks and if there’s one thing we know about DIY and decorating it’s that it can be quite addictive. Before you know it, you’ll have refurbished the entire house!

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