Lead Dormer cheek detail

Dormers can be fitted in a number of different detail whether it be lead, tile or slate. If you are thinking of having

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Roof vents

Roof vents can help stop condensation from building up in your loft and extension and save you from costly repairs.

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Fiberglass Roofs

GRP roofs are an excellent waterproof coating for flat and inclined roofs. Our team of roofers have been fully trained

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Roof window fitting And Fit Roof Window

Roof windows can either be used on flat or pitched roofs. Roof windows from a different number of manufacturers

Fit Roof Window
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Dry ridge systems

Dry ridge is a method of fixing ridge tiles or hip ridge tiles to a roof. They can either be angular or round in shape.

Roofing Contractors London, Ridge cap repair
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Lead Proper Chimney Flashing

Lead flashing on a chimney is very important as overtime the lead on the chimney may split or form cracks

repair lead flashing around chimney
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Expert Chimney Maintenance and Repair Service

We have a highly skilled team of professionals in place to restore or repair the pointing or cracks to your chimney.

Chimney Repair & Maintenance | AG Direct
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PVC Pipe Repair Coupling

Exposure to the weather can in time leave your home vulnerable to decay. Leaking gutters can cause a lot of dampness to your property.

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