Dry ridge systems

The experienced team of AG Direct Roofing provides an expert ridge cap repair and installation services for our valuable clients. With extensive experience, skills and knowledge, we properly assess, locate and resolve any roof dry ridge system issues. Your roof composition may look alright, but you may notice a damaged or deteriorating dry ridge. Ridges are an important part of your roofing system and can cause leaks, wood rotting or moulds if not treated on time. Ridge cap repair service by our expert team ensures on-time delivery for the service.

Over the years, we have provided our ridge cap repair services to several satisfied customers that have stamped the quality provided by us. We are able to remove or fix the ridge caps as needed in many different styles and colours. Loosened ridge caps or might blow off in the strong wind and is the most prominent and vulnerable area where damage occurs in storms.

AG Direct Roofing service offers its ridge cap repair service with which we are able to replace, repair or install ridge or hip caps to make your roofing system more durable and functional. Our expert professional roofers provide you with quality service that speaks for itself. We have the expertise and resources to carry out your ridge cap repair needs and services. As experienced roofing experts, we know how to handle the design and styles to efficiently conduct roof repairs before it turns into something bigger. This gives you peace of mind that your repair service is  in capable hands.