Should You Install Solar Roof Panels?

An increasingly popular trend among homebuyers in installing solar panels onto the roof to generate electricity, save money on bills and increase the value of their home.

It is no surprise that so many homes are considering it, given they can potentially make money from any extra electricity their panels generate in the summer.

Before you decide to add solar panels to your roof, here are some key consideration.


Solar panels are far more efficient and can generate significantly more energy than even just a decade ago. However, if you live in a built-up area or surrounded by trees that provide a permanent shade, you may not see too much benefit.

Ideally, the solar panels on your roof should face south so they get more exposure to the sun.

As well as this, in some conservation areas and for certain developments you may need planning permission. Get in touch with your local council to see if an application is required.

Roof Quality

The most efficient type of solar panel you will find is quite heavy, and so your roof needs to be in good condition and ready to take the strain.

Make sure any roof repairs are undertaken before you install your panels, otherwise it can cause complications, potential collapsing of your roof and greater expense than you may expect.

In some cases, you can get solar slates or tiles which cost more but are less conspicuous.

On Or Off-Grid?

A big consideration when setting up your panels is whether you want to connect them to the National Grid or not.

If you have a large battery system then you can go off-grid. However, if you choose to connect to the grid then you will get credit for any excess energy you generate, which can indeed mean you can get a negative-cost electricity bill.

Make sure you know what the timescale is for getting hooked up to the grid, any fees you need to pay and when you should expect to be paid as it differs between providers.