Signs That Your Roof Needs Repairing Soon

As the weather gets colder and wetter, you may start to see little telltale signs that all is not well with your roof. Perhaps the lining needs replacing or a shingle has fallen loose.

Roof repairs cannot be ignored for long, especially in the winter months, and not paying attention to the telltale signs that your roof is not in the best of health could lead to needing a new roof in the new year.

A new roof not only will cost significantly more but may require planning permission, delaying the work and causing further damage.

Whilst if you see daylight in your attic, or notice water pooling into the rest of the house, it is clear that the problem needs addressing now, or it can cause major repairs later on.

Drips And Leaks

All roof leaks start small outside of extreme weather phenomenon. Whilst we are often very quick to get a larger roof leak repaired, smaller pinhole-sized leaks can very quickly grow into a problem and when consistent need to be repaired quickly.

A leaking roof is often the cause of dripping sounds, an increased level of humidity, growing mould patches, as well as water stains that develop on the ceilings and walls.


Roof Fragments And Missing Tiles

If you have clattering or leaky gutters, it could be a result of a disintegrating roof. Asphalt shingles shed and their fragments end up in the gutter, a sign of a disintegrating and damaged roof.

Similarly, if you notice worn out or missing shingles, it may be time to replace or repair some of them, as well as reapply sealants.