True Cost Of Church Roof Repairs Revealed

Thieves who struck at a church in Wales over the Bank Holiday weekend got away with lead worth only £35, but repairs to the damage caused will cost 100 times that.

The criminals took the lead flashing from a gully between two roofs at All Saints’ Church in Newport, according to Church Times.

“It was a very small amount of lead,” the Hon. Priest-in-Charge, the Revd Christopher Watkins, said. “It has a scrap value of about £35, but the repair estimates are around the £3500 mark. It is really galling.”

Revd Watkins said the irony was if that the lead was taken because the thieves were so financially struggling, the church would have gladly donated the money, had they asked.

“They did try to take more, but the roof is very steep, and it has moss on it; so it is quite difficult to climb. The police don’t hold up much hope of finding anybody,” he added.

The explanation for the high repair estimates was due to the lead needing to be beaten into shape to ensure a good fit, and the repair to damaged slates, batons, and the underfelt, as well as labour costs.

Revd Watkins was thankful that there was no internal damage, and a rain-free night gave the church time to temporarily cover the hole in the roof before any rain. He added that Ecclesiastical Insurance has been very helpful and that the church should receive the go-ahead to carry out the repairs soon.

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